Building Confidence!

The SeaDogs have not won many games this year but I was lucky enough to witness a recent victory over Val D’Or. They were able to recover from a 3-1 deficit in the 3rd period and won 4-3 in overtime. You can see the extra intensity as soon as they made the score 3-2. What gave them the extra boost? Was the other team just tired? It definitely looked like their energy level had picked up.

As a track & field coach, you will see an improvement just from doing a workout twice without any training in between. Knowledge of the effort helps and confidence is gained. Expectation of success also helps since the workout is not seen as unattainable anymore.

When the SeaDogs were mired in their long losing streak, you could see a low expectation of winning in their play. Most hard-core fans have a reasonable expectation of that sense of futility fading away. You can see the skill sets that the players possess. There will be some definite additions to the SeaDogs alumni playing in the NHL.  As they gain knowledge and confidence, they will surely be a top team.

Hopefully the kids realize they are on the right path. It is easy to get discouraged with early failures. When the Sea Dogs beat Val D’Or, the team and crowd exploded with the celebration! I have seen this same reaction at the Marathon by the Sea. Persevering with a tough start, many people have worked hard to get to that 26.2 mile mark. You learn from the runs along the way. On the day, it is not a question of will you? It is just a statement of how long it takes you.

Even if it takes longer than you think it should have, the feeling at the finish line is just a good. The crowd will cheer hard. Early bird fees end for the Marathon by the Sea on March 30th. Just like we have confidence in the current Sea Dogs growing bigger and faster, a purchased race entry for family or friends can show your faith in their ability. Of course I am biased but I think a marathon should be on everyone’s bucket list. Walk it if you need. Push your wheelchair if that is your situation.  Show yourself and others what can be possible with determination.

You can even wear a Sea Dogs jersey for the final stretch.