The regular meeting of Board of Directors of the FUNDY CIVIC CENTRE INC. was held at Wesley Hall on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 beginning at 7:00pm.



Brenda Leask                                                     Town of Sussex

Doug O’Leary                                                     Parish of Studholm

Kirk Sabine, Vice-President                         Kingswood University

Nelson Ball                                                          Parish of Waterford

Raya Khedheri, Secretary                             Parish of Studholm

Shelly Vail                                                            Kingswood University

Alex Coffin                                                          Manager of Potash Corp Civic Centre

Patsy Shay                                                          Village of Sussex Corner

Nicole Clement                                                 Village of Norton

Bridget Ryan, Chair                                          Town of Sussex




Kevin Maillet, Treasurer                                                Town of Sussex

Barb Daley                                                          Parish of Cardwell

Jodi Totton-Cummings                                  Parish of Sussex





1.       CALL TO ORDER

Bridget Ryan, called the regular meeting to order at 7:00pm.



Bridget Ryan, Chair, reviewed the policy.





Doug motioned to approve the minutes from our April 5th meeting and Brenda seconded the motion.   

                                                                                                Motion 04-26-17-292-17-65 Carried







Concerns about the true financial situation. There was an executive meeting to look at these concerns. Alex reported the “Actual Annual Deficit” of the Civic Centre and provided an overview of the deficits from 2012 to 2016.

He then went over the 8 month update on the finances as well (copies provided). Total difference income difference is just over $128 000 from last year to this year. Difference in membership revenue is just over $26 000.

Expenses – just over $8000.00 over in expenses in 8 months.


(Nelson expressed a concern that the facility is fairly empty during the afternoons).


 Major concerns with debt - Total debt is approximately $132 000 at this center currently.

Bridget expressed that we need a new funding strategy and we need to start a conversation to start this new funding model that is necessary to keep this civic centre running.

Our only way to be funded is through taxes.

Kirk shared a narrative he wrote after he was extremely concerned with the reality of this situation. Here are a few highlights of this narrative:

We are a group of private citizens who have done a good job with the resources at hand, staff have worked really hard. No one is making huge wages, we have many great volunteers and thus we cannot get into blaming issues.

This centre was built debt free. In spite of heroic efforts, there is an annual shortfall of finances.

The real owners of this centre are all the townships and LSD’s, it is a regional facility.

We are also making it work. PCC Board recognizes the support that has been positive for physical activity and recreation.

We require a more secure funding plan.


                Closing the Civic Centre would be a horrible scenario. End of jobs, locks on the door.


When the vote was taken April dates of 2004, April 29th all the townships had voted in favour of having this regional facility with 1 cent. Thirteen years later we should not feel guilty going back and looking at requesting a revision to this agreement.


Bridget has taken a few initiatives to look into how we can support the financial needs of the Centre and she has met and talked to Mark Thorne and Bridget also discussed the possibility of ACOA funding. Bridget called Alaina Lockhart and they met and talked and she sent emails to see what the next steps could be (including contact with Roly McIntyre). Bridget is looking for a grant to help keep us afloat.

Bridget is sending a letter which will be tweaked by Scott Hatcher to go forward politically to Minister Serge Rouselle.


We need to talk to the other municipalities before the other LSD’s. Although we still need a cash infusion in the meantime.


Meeting would have to be in May to present this situation and request an increase in tax funding.


Looking at May 10th or 11th as a potential date for this meeting. Members to be invited:  Mary Ann Coleman (Waterford), Tony Raymond (Studholm), President Steven Lennox (Kingswood), Elaine Daley (Cardwell), Regional (Terry Keating – Sussex), Mark Flewelling (Sussex Corner), Julie Booth (Norton), and Mark Thorne (Sussex).  Invites should also go out to Alaina Lockhart and Bruce Northrup.


Bridget has asked Kirk and he agreed to do the presentation of the concerns, reality and request that evening. She will do the introductions etc. and then Kirk will lead the presentation and be the main spokesperson.


5.        Marketing Report


Alannah is working hard and just signed up Alantra Leasing with a Corporate membership.

Alex was a bit disappointed by the turnout from the Triathlon, but Brenda emphasized that this will only get better each year.

May 6th leave from All Seasons and run to the Caves. Party at the Legion after ($20 which will go to the LEAP program).


6.       Old Business

Memorial for Ellen Watters – bench (Marbled made by Nelson monuments) and bronzed cycling shoes.


Doug O’Leary motioned that the Ellen Watters memorial Bench and Bronzed shoes be approved to be placed to the right of the stairs at the Civic Centre.  This motion was seconded by Brenda Leask.


Motion 04-26-17-293-17-65 Carried


Credit Card – probably this will be tabled.

ShapeNet issues but still useful for what it is needed for. Still discrepancies every month, but Alex didn’t seem concerned.

Bridget suggested if Kevin could review the budget every couple of weeks to keep everything in check.


7.       New Business


Questions about the membership fees and payments. One issue is a family discount that people want but they want to pay it month at a time (it is currently a super deal according to Alex).


Bridget was just looking at clarity, if you are getting a discount for a family membership then you would pay it all at once. However, if you wanted to pay by month then you wouldn’t get the discount.


Brenda presented a scenario where perhaps a family rate could be 130$ per month for 8 months, the 9th month could be 100$ and then an incentive could be the three months after that free.

Bridget suggested that perhaps it could be done like insurance companies where the payment was over three months.

Bridget has asked Alex to look at the various possibilities and how we could get the cash flow (even over three payments etc.).

Shelly Vail motioned that the meeting be adjourned and Doug 0’Leary seconded the motion.


                                                                                                                Motion 04-26-17-294-17-65 Carried


*Next meeting will be May 31st, 2017 at 7pm.