Our Fitness Team!

Debbie Goodwin

I am the newly appointed Exercise & Wellness Specialist here at the Civic   Centre. I have always had an active lifestyle. Speed walking & home fitness videos were an integral part of my routine when my family was young. In 2011 I "bit the bullet" and completed a certification with CanFit Pro as a Fitness Instructor Specialist. In 2012, I earned my Part 1 in Yoga with East to West Yoga in Toronto, ON. In 2018 I added Personal Training Specialist, also with CanFit Pro, to my repertoire. I have never looked back from any of these decisions. Sharing my knowledge of balanced and active lifestyle as well as developing a "fitness family" are two of my biggest motivators every day. Maintaining strength, flexibility, nutrition and balance are key factors to a happy & healthy lifestyle. This is my personal goal every day and one I love to share! 
Teaches: Beginner Yoga, AquaFit, Step & Tone, Tabata, Cardio Tone, Water Arthritis plus Personal Training


Jill Hourihan 

I’m one of the newer staff members here at the Potash Corp Civic Centre. I was hired at the end of May as one of the Exercise and Wellness Specialists. I used to be the kid who always got picked last in gym. I was never naturally athletic and always thought working out “wasn’t for me”. Then, in 2014, the summer after I graduated high school, I discovered resistance training. Lifting weights made me feel like nothing else ever had. I loved seeing myself getting stronger, and I realized that the strength I found in the gym was starting to trickle into other aspects of my life. After being a consistent “gym rat” for a couple years, I finally decided to pursue my passion as a career when I started school at Eastern College in 2016. I graduated in November with a diploma in Health, Wellness, and Recreation and the Potash Corp Civic Centre is my first job in the field. It has been such an honour to share my passion with others in the community and watch them fall in love with working out the way that I did.

Teaches: RAW, Fit Over 50, TRX, TRX Cardio, TRX for Seniors, PowerWalk & Senior Squat & Circuit


Bill Laurin

Since joining the PCC Fitness team in 2016 I've quickly formed an affinity for the facility and the motivated clientele. 
I've always lead a healthy and active lifestyle. My  passion and enthusiasm for weight training and all things fitness might have you call me "gym rat". I love the vibe I feel instructing group fitness classes or designing individual programs to help people reach the next level in their fitness journey.
My qualifications include Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor, 3m National Coaching certification level 1 & 2 as well as CanFit Pro Personal Training Specialist. 
So, come and join me for a class or help you design an exercise program and together we can work to reach your fitness goals! 
Teaches: Power Pedal, RAW, plus Personal Training.

Robert Agyekum


I am Robert from West Africa. Originally from Ghana and a retired Soccer player. Prior to coming to Canada I was on several national soccer teams. I coached soccer and trained fitness and body building at the Maximum Gym (Ghana). I organized several local jogging crews and Jr soccer leagues. Upon moving to New Brunswick I was employed with the Civic Centre in 2017. I currently teach Aquafit and Zumba.  In 2017 I completed a Zumba Instructor course. In Zumba classes I also mix in Azonto which is African dance.  I volunteer with the local Kings County soccer league. I love to exercise and weight train. Full of energy and enjoy what I do.
Teaches: Zumba and Aquafit

Hannah Goodwin

"Struggling with my own weight in my first year at the University of Toronto, I came to understand the physical, cognitive, and academic benefits to being active. After losing my freshman fifteen, I wanted to share this feeling with others! I slept better, had higher self-esteem, and developed a great community with other gym-goers. Getting certified as a Personal Training Specialist in 2016 was the greatest first step I could take to getting others involved in their health!

 In addition to personal training, I have led Learn to Run programs, taught group fitness fusion classes (cycle-core and cycle-barre), bootcamp, assisted in dry-land training for the Mississauga Aquatics Team, and led summer fitness camps for children. I have worked with younger and older populations with weight loss, endurance, hypertrophy, and maintaining overall fitness goals.

 With a Bachelor of Science, I understand how the body functions physically, physiologically, and psychologically. The connection between our mental health and our physical health is phenomenal. Together we will work through it all so that you can attain your individualized fitness goals with an individualized plan fit for you!"


Additional Instructors

Alex Coffin: AquaFit

Jennifer Miller: Tabata

Tish Richardson: Aqua Dance

Sherida Mercer: Dance Fitness

Raya Khedheri- SHRED

Sonia Boulianne - Aquafit