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Do you keep listening to people state Numerologist’ popular numerology record and also are thinking about getting it?

It seems fascinating, yet you’re fretted it’s also ” charm woo” as well as a complete waste of cash?

Then you’ve pertained to the right area.

I’ve attempted both the complimentary video clip reading AND downloaded the paid report and today I will share my straightforward viewpoint so you will know without a doubt– was it worth it or not?

Let’s dive in!

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What is numerology?

The Numerologist Website

The Numerology Report


What do you get with the Numerologist analysis?

What exactly remains in the Numerologist Deluxe edition?

What are people claiming regarding the Numerologist record?

Is the Numerologist reading worth the money?

Where can I obtain the numerology report?

What is numerology?

Numerology is the research of numbers in your life. It’s an ancient belief system claimed to predict your future and also result in partnerships, profession, as well as various other areas of your life.

Each letter in your name has a numerical worth, and also each number can be decreased to a solitary number.

The numerical worths in your name interact with the numbers from your day of birth. This can establish your capacities and also personality qualities.

Numerology has been made use of for hundreds of years to search for the significance of the wonderful cosmic style.

So is Numerologist the best area to obtain your numerology record? Let’s most likely to their site and also analyze.

The Numerologist Website


The web site is nicely created to take you on a walk to your psyche– by providing you a free tailored numerology report as well as a paid variation of it that is over 60 web pages full of fascinating facts regarding on your own, your life course, and your soul.

Let’s take a look at the site. You will certainly locate that the group of Numerologist has developed a blog site section that is being routinely upgraded– you will certainly locate more than one topic in it.

Astrology, Divination, as well as several even more interesting pieces if you look carefully at their groups you will certainly see Tarot.

There is definitely something for everyone– it will certainly deserve saving a book mark if you ask me.

numerology blog site

The platform offers you also a bunch of pieces of training based upon numerology, so if you would love to get much deeper understanding, make certain to drop in. If you look closely at their groups you will see Tarot, Astrology, Divination, and many more interesting subjects.

The team behind all of that is quite large as well as varied — it consists of licensed numerologists, power workers, spiritual teachers, as well as heart guides– so it sounds like the tailored analysis would be of fantastic worth and high quality, composed of skilled contributors.

They also have a podcast that you can pay attention to. The “Numerologist” can be considered a site with several objectives, topics, and a broad area that you can connect with– and that to me makes them stand out.

I am relatively aware of numerology as well as I have calculated my Life Path number before (I’m number 3, let me know your own in the comments!), yet I wanted to see what “Numerologist” has to provide.

The Numerology Report

I determined to obtain their Deluxe version of the record, which is a over 60 web pages long! They do have a free variation that is much minimal, however still quite handy for every single numerology enthusiast.

Let me begin with evaluating the totally free variation of the report

You’ll be moved to a whole new magical cosmos when you click on the Personalized Numerology Reading link! Beginning with the planetary design of the web page to the soothing music Numerologist– the visual of the online numerology platform is exceptional.

numerology record.

It is exceptionally easy to collaborate with and also straightforward– all you need to do is to enter your very own name and birth day and then click on “Explore your numerology chart”.

That would start the cost-free video clip evaluation of your numerology chart. Take a warm beverage and also prepare for a wonderful experience.

You can see the video with noise on, or speak up– it is totally approximately you, as the video includes captions. You can stop briefly at any time to make note or emphasize something.

Don’t fret– the details from this individualized report will be sent out to you by mail– just make sure you include the correct one later on in the video. The system is quite interactive as well as will certainly ask you for extra information, however absolutely nothing improper or concerning, I assure.

The analysis starts by discussing the core elements of your record– the life path number, your birth number, your spirit urge, as well as your expression and character number.

Starting with your life path number– it is taken into consideration in numerology as one of one of the most vital and also determining aspects of life and is calculated according to the date of birth.

Тhe expression number is the one that is responsible for your talents as well as abilities . Some likewise call it the Number of Destiny.

The platform will determine it based upon your full name– so make certain to utilize your birth name and also not a nickname.

You get a aesthetic and also talked description of what this number means as well as how it was summed up by using the Pythagorean alphabet– indeed, it appears extremely scientific and also I assure you– it is!

Numerologist will ask you to enter your complete name again ( first as well as last name), along with your sex. When you click on “continue with my analysis” the system will certainly start with the analysis of your Destiny number.

When that is done, you will enter the “Soul impulse number” part of the video clip where you will learn more regarding your spirit’s needs.

Next they will ask you for your relationship status– as well as surprisingly enough if you remain in one, or married, or engaged– it will even give you some understandings regarding you and your companion’s link and nature. It may even anticipate the number of children you have!

At the end of the complimentary variation of the report, you will certainly obtain an offer for the Deluxe version– as I stated it mores than 60 web pages, very detailed, and customized.

In case you do not like it– “Numerologist” will certainly reimburse you, which was calming to see, as I don’t actually count on products like these which do not have refunds.


In some cases at the end of the complimentary analysis, the website provides you 50% off for the luxurious version– you will certainly not locate that price on the main page, so if you are interested, make certain you take it as soon as possible.


What do you get with the Numerologist reading?

You get a individualized brochure concerning your whole life experience as well as heart’s presents.

It might even be a little bit frightening– the details you will receive will be so certain as well as to the point that you may start to question– what is this magic?

I can not begin to express the appeal of the report’s layout– as every little thing in Numerologist, the Deluxe chart evaluation is with a deep cosmic motif that alters through the areas of the documents. This alone makes you really feel as if you have the book of your life in your hands– or rather computer/smartphone.

Just what is in the Numerologist Deluxe version?

The premium variation of the report is divided into few sections and I mean to make it through every one of them promptly, yet successfully, so you can decide on your own if you would love to invest in it.

Yes, this can be considered an financial investment as it is a customized guide that you will certainly go back to in times of uncertainty and difficulty.

The data begins with a customized message to you– it includes your name and also birth details. You can most definitely really feel that this has been specially created you by the group and also not simply by utilizing the same design template for every one of their clients.

In the beginning– the initial 10 pages, you will find a detailed section of what numerology is, how can you utilize it in your day-to-day life, and all the benefits from it.

You can obtain a closer look at what approaches were used and just how industrialized is numerology science.

The following part is centered around your birth name. The team of professionals will certainly lift the curtain and also expose the secret meanings of your everyday name, first, middle and last names, and also the magic behind all 3 of them together.

This part is particularly peculiar as we hardly ever consider our birth names as variables for our fate and also life path, but it shows up that it has a wonderful influence on it.

Proceeding with the Soul Urge Number, you will get a brief explanation on how to compute that number and also what it really suggests.

Not just the record will outline what your soul desire number is, however you will certainly obtain the complete account of this number and what challenges you could encounter, having it in your life.

Plan for some deep-diving in your soul needs and also passions.

The following 2 sections are dedicated to the individual number as well as to the expression number that you have.

The framework of the phases is rather similar to the Soul Urge numbers– you have the formula for computing them, you have your very own number and also the obstacles that select it.

The few chapters that adhere to are rather substantial and also are committed to the Life Path number.

As I currently stated, this is probably one of the most impactful and crucial number for you in the numerology facet.

Keeping that being said I understand why the writers of the record dedicated so much time and effort to its evaluation. In 20 pages the team covered every little thing that you require to learn about the Life Path Number– how it was determined and why it is so important.

The challenges for this number nonetheless are more than a few– you get the minor ones and the significant ones– all nicely explained and offered to you.

After the difficulties, you stay right into the Life Path cycles– areas that are not offered in the free variation, however I consider them to be rather fascinating and also useful .

” The peaks– what are they precisely?” was the first thing that stood out into my mind once I struck the next part of the record.

After reviewing the chapter of the record dedicated to them, I visualized them in my mind as time factors, timeframes in which various chances are presented to me.

Of course, they are really complexed as well as you would certainly require to describe the Deluxe guide for more information, but it was absolutely a completely brand-new knowledge for me.

The report finishes off with the Achievement number– its specifics, how to compute it, utilize it, and also what it means for you.

I consider the Deluxe version of the numerological report incredibly beneficial, very compelling, and a page-turner.

I really felt as if I am reading a extremely interesting book where the primary personality is no person else but me.

The whole time I had the experience of having a conversation with someone, as the report is really extremely personalized as well as I can even call it intimate– the writers maintained referring to me by name.

What are people stating about the Numerologist record?

Individuals appear to have a similar response to me, shocked how accurate it was.

You can discover several video evaluations on the web page:



There were additionally a handful of reviews on Trustpilot testimonials, which were not as positive. A couple of individuals experienced technical issues:

numerologist testimonial


Is the Numerologist reading worth the money?

In my opinion, anything that presses you to discover yourself in a spiritual method and also makes you reassess your life path is worth the rate. I was fascinated by the idea of having a record that is as certain as it can get, as well as not just one more global guide.

Mind that you are not just obtaining guidance for the next year or so, you are getting an innovative, nearly x-ray evaluation of your fate, your capacity, and also your soul.

The 60-page brochure is without a doubt made with a lot of interest to information as well as positive to review– I really felt the magic moving from each and every single page of it. I like the reality that the record is composed by experts, very medically, yet at the same time– appealing and also very easy to digest by everyone.

I would rejoice to check the other alternative of personalized records that the website gives. I currently discussed that they supply a reimbursement in case you are not satisfied with the purchase, however I can assure you– if you are completely honest and also take your time to read the report you won’t be requesting one!

Where can I get the numerology record?

You can discover the complimentary video report here. Later on, you will be forwarded to a sales page where you can get the thorough Deluxe record.

What is your opinion concerning Numerologist and what did your analysis state? Let me know in the comments!

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