Swimming Lessons

Your Path to Swim Safety!

Winter Swimming Lessons

Registration starts on January 21th for Saturdays and Sundays

 Saturday lessons start on February 23

9:00am SeaOtter to Level 1 (unparented), Level 3

9:30am Starfish to Sea Otter(parented), Level 4

10:00am Level 6 & Level 7, Level 2

10:30am Level 1

11:00am Level 8 to Level 10, Level 5


Sunday lessons start on February 24 - Public Swim included after lesson

2:00pm SeaOtter, Level 1

2:30pm Starfish to Sea Otter(parented), Sunfish to Level 2

3:00pm Level 3 & Level 4

3:30pm: Level 5

5:00pm Level 6 & Level 7

5:45pm Level 8 to Level 10 

Thursday evening lessons are adult dropin with no extra cost and no need to pre-register

Do these times not work for you? Would your child benefit from a one-on-one learning environment? Consider booking our private lessons.

All sessions will be scheduled to include 8 lessons being guaranteed as per Red Cross standard.

  • If the PCC needs to cancel a lesson due to weather or other reason, the lesson will be rescheduled.

  • You may register for only 1 lesson at a time.

  • Preschool to Level 5 are $70 taxes included for 8 classes ($60 for 7).

  • Level 6 to Level 10 are $90 taxes included for 8 classes ($80 for 7).

*Swimming lessons are complimentary with any membership at the PotashCorp Civic Centre.



Level Lessons!!

Levels 1 to 10 are featured. Please consider joining our affiliated swim club as well, the Sussex Swordfish!!